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Types of Assessments

A place for finding autism related information to assist you  on your journey to your chords wellness. For financial and community resources in your state, click the link below.


Behavioral Observation and Skill Assessment

The Behavioral Observation and Skill Assessment is based on a combination of interviews with caregivers, review of pertinent records, direct observations, assessments of developmental norms, and when necessary, Comprehensive Functional Assessments, and/or Functional Analysis Assessments (this process is outlined in further detail below). This assessment is necessary to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses across domain areas and for the development of your child’s Individualized Behavioral Education Plan (IBEP).

Functional Assessment

This assessment is a necessary tool in the process of determining the functions (reasons) for challenging behaviors (e.g., aggression, tantrums, self-injurious behaviors, etc.) and is used to determine appropriate and functional interventions. Comprehensive Functional Assessments may include a review of pertinent records, interviews, completion of survey instruments, direct observations of behaviors and/or functional analysis. A functional analysis involves the arrangement of brief exposures to different environmental contingencies, while measuring the behavior directly to get information about controlling variables. Functional Analyses are incorporated into Functional Assessments as necessary.

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