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COVID-19 Update

It's important that you feel complete confidence in the care your child receives while in therapy. Download our Safety Management Plan for a comprehensive explanation of our COVID-19 safety policies, and read on for quick info and helpful links.


Questions or Concerns?

For COVID-19 inquiries, please click below to reach our COVID Management Team


Kadiant requires all team members to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, or, a medical or religious accommodation.

The CDC recommends vaccination for everyone 5 years of age and older to protect against COVID-19. Click below to learn more about vaccines for children and teens, and find an appointment near you.

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Health Checks

As part of our risk mitigation, Kadiant Health Checks are mandatory for team members, clients, and their households to ensure a safe care environment for ABA therapy. Health Checks prior to each session apply even if all individuals are vaccinated.

Health Checks include:​

  • A temperature check

    • Our team members complete health checks using their own thermometers prior to each session and before entering a Kadiant facility.

    • We appreciate you taking your child’s and household members’ temperature with your family’s own thermometer​​​​.

  • A series of questions will be asked to determine if any member of the household is presenting symptoms, has experienced recent health changes, has recently traveled to an area of ongoing community transmission, and/or has recently come in contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19.

Should a team member, client, or a member of the client's household fail a health check, cancel the session and notify the COVID Management Team and Case Supervisor for next steps. 


A doctor's guidance will be requested prior to resuming in-person sessions whenever a client, team member, or their household members is experiencing a symptom.

Symptoms & What To Do

If anyone in your household has symptoms related to COVID-19, even if those symptoms present as mild, or if you think they are attributed to another condition (e.g., sinus infection, asthma, allergies), please contact your doctor for guidance before your session.

If a symptom is present in your household that has not been cleared, please cancel in-person sessions until you speak with your doctor. We will cancel sessions for the next 48 hours and will adjust once we learn of a doctor’s clearance or guidance.


Team members who are fully-vaccinated and have a household member who is experiencing symptoms should contact the Covid Management Team. Once vaccination dates have been confirmed, the team member is allowed to attend session as long as the team member is not experiencing any symptoms.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Doctor's Guidance

If symptoms are present, a medical professional, such as the family physician, must be consulted regarding the symptoms and the individual’s/household’s ability to participate in in-person sessions before services may continue. Doctor’s guidance will be needed even if the individual attributes the symptom(s) to another condition (e.g., allergies, sinus infection) as we are not qualified to determine the cause of a symptom. 

This process applies to team members, clients, and their households so long as the global pandemic continues. Please notify Kadiant of the doctor’s advice via email.  This can be a summary from the individual, and it does NOT need to be a note from the doctor unless there is an exceptional circumstance. If the family chooses not to reach out to their doctor, we ask that you isolate from 10 days of symptom onset before restarting in-person services.

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If you were exposed
Click below to learn more about quarantining when you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19


If you are sick or test positive
Click below to learn more about isolating when you are sick or when you have COVID-19, even if you don't have symptoms.

Face Masks

Kadiant team members comply with the face mask policies in each region we serve. Click the state icons to learn more about your state's local face mask policy.

Questions or Concerns?

For COVID-19 inquiries, please click below to reach our COVID Management Team

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