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Kadiant Celebrates Autism Acceptance Month

This April, like many others in our community, we're celebrating Autism Acceptance Month by sharing resources, uplifting autistic voices, and highlighting companies and organizations that are making our communities more inclusive and accessible. We'll also be sharing our Rethink Autism campaign on social media, so make sure you're following us on all your favorite platforms as we share new ways to look at autism. All with the mission to help influence our world to accept autism and therefore, reinvent it to be less ableist and more accessible.

Rethink Autism

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day

4 Sports Teams That Are Making a Difference

Sports is integral to society. It's how we interact with each other, learn from one another and from ourselves, and for many it's a pastime to watch and even participate in. But it's inaccessible for many in our community. These are four teams who are changing that.



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